Looking back on the STOREE project

As we enter the final stages of the STOREE project, our team has been reflecting on STOREE’s milestones and next steps.  We’ve spent the past five years identifying opportunities to challenge and advance practices related to knowledge exchange, open scholarship, librarianship, and community engagement. Through this work, the STOREE team has produced over 50 outputs, […]

Registration for Storytelling for Information Professionals

What’s your story?   Whether you’re engaged in strategic planning, evaluating an initiative, or trying to connect with community, stories can be a powerful tool to contextualize data and inspire action.   Storytelling for Information Professionals will explore the place for stories within our practice. This event is right for you if… …you want to demonstrate […]

Inclusive, Respectful, & Equitable Language for Health Researchers

In 2021, STOREE student researchers worked in collaboration with the Making Research Accessible Initiative (MRAi) to explore language representation in the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal (DTES RAP) collection. Language representation refers to the terms used to describe items in a collection—like their titles, descriptions, and the keywords used to describe them for indexing and […]

SSHRC funding awarded to project co-led by Dr. Luanne Sinnamon

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to Dr. Luanne Sinnamon, STOREE co-investigator, and Dr. Lisa Nathan, co-leads of the project Understanding personal and public sense making in response to the climate crisis. The project received an Insight Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for a period of four years. […]

Exploring the use of video abstracts

Video abstracts (VAs) are an emerging scholarly genre that offers researchers the opportunity to share their research in plain language and in a brief audiovisual format. Canadian science journalist Jacob Berkowitz suggests that the first VA posted online “may have been a Cell Press video posted on May 21, 2009” (Berkowitz, 2013). Over a decade […]

Using Community-Centered Language in the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal

Sarah Nocente (GAA) explores what it means to reduce stigma in how resources are described.

Literature reviews beyond the university: Gathering guidance

University students aren't the only ones doing literature reviews, but most guides are geared toward them. How can we support the needs of others doing this work?

Infographics as a Tool for Knowledge Mobilization and Exchange: A Student Perspective

Infographics can help communicate research - GAA Shannon Murray worked on an toolkit to help you make your own!

Bridges: connections between STOREE’s principles and other work

GAA Kim Correa reflects on the connections between STOREE and her experience doing data justice work with organizations doing citizen science.

Listening in KMb work: perspectives from the CKMF conference

GAAs Ciara Farmer and Andrea Kampen reflect on lessons learned at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum conference.