Literature reviews beyond the university: Gathering guidance

University students aren't the only ones doing literature reviews, but most guides are geared toward them. How can we support the needs of others doing this work?

Infographics as a Tool for Knowledge Mobilization and Exchange: A Student Perspective

Shannon Murray Graduate Academic Assistant with STOREE and the UBC Learning Exchange In my role as a Making Research Accessible initiative (MRAi) Student Librarian, and a Graduate Research Assistant for STOREE, I’ve been focusing on how to better share the research materials that are added to the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal (DTES RAP). As […]

Bridges: connections between STOREE’s principles and other work

I began working as a graduate assistant with the STOREE project in May 2020. I am a first-generation student of color who began my academic career in my late 20s, after eight years of fits and starts to receive my BA. This was due in part to not having any idea of how to navigate […]

Listening in KMb work: perspectives from the CKMF conference

The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum (CKMF) took place online (like all conferences of 2020) from November 24-26. The theme this year — ‘Welcoming new talent, skills, and perspectives’— ties in closely with the original mission presented in the Forum’s foundational gathering in 2012, which was to “support a growing international community in knowledge mobilization” (KMb […]

Place-based Librarianship and Planning with, by, and for Communities

My undergraduate educational background—Anthropology and Creative Writing— afforded me the freedom to explore communication styles beyond the conventional academic paper. During that time, frustrated with the oft dense writing style of many of my course readings, I began to explore the concept of writing about academic concepts for a broader audience. I am now a […]

Insights into the Sharing Science project

Mandy Choie, research assistant working with the Sharing Science team, highlights key areas of her work and what she learned supporting the project.

Research study: Information professionals and knowledge exchange

(Now closed) Call for participants in a study regarding librarians' and archivists' experience with knowledge exchange.

Making Research Accessible Metadata-thon

"Geeking out" with a cause - the community works together to describe research relevant to the Downtown Eastside.

STOREE Presentation at CAIS

STOREE investigators consider: what role do information professionals play in bridging universities and communities? How can we build and support capacity for this work?

March 7 Community Ethics in Cultural Production Panel Discussion & Launch Event

The Research 101 Manifesto and the Empowering Informed Consent Card were born out of a need for community ethics in cultural production.