Looking back on the STOREE project

As we enter the final stages of the STOREE project, our team has been reflecting on STOREE’s milestones and next steps.  We’ve spent the past five years identifying opportunities to challenge and advance practices related to knowledge exchange, open scholarship, librarianship, and community engagement. Through this work, the STOREE team has produced over 50 outputs, […]

Registration for Storytelling for Information Professionals

What’s your story?   Whether you’re engaged in strategic planning, evaluating an initiative, or trying to connect with community, stories can be a powerful tool to contextualize data and inspire action.   Storytelling for Information Professionals will explore the place for stories within our practice. This event is right for you if… …you want to demonstrate […]

Inclusive, Respectful, & Equitable Language for Health Researchers

In 2021, STOREE student researchers worked in collaboration with the Making Research Accessible Initiative (MRAi) to explore language representation in the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal (DTES RAP) collection. Language representation refers to the terms used to describe items in a collection—like their titles, descriptions, and the keywords used to describe them for indexing and […]

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The STOREE Project seeks to address two main research questions:


How can research be more accessible, relevant to, and useful for non-academic audiences?


  • Work with institutional partners and community groups to develop a framework for community-based Knowledge Exchange (KX) to provide theoretical grounding and guidance for the research.
  • Evaluate and iteratively enhance dissemination platforms used by partner organizations that enable wider access to and use of scholarly research.
  • Co-create and evaluate non-traditional genres of research dissemination.
  • Build capacity of community groups to find, evaluate, share and use research (i.e., information literacy).


How can researchers be supported in changing scholarly practices, including how they disseminate research and interact with research populations?


  • Position libraries/librarians to be integral actors in knowledge exchange, to complement their existing roles in research and scholarly communication.
  • Support next-generation researchers to collect and disseminate research in socially relevant and accessible ways.


The STOREE Project is funded through a Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Partnership Development Grant. Our current partners include: the University of British Columbia (UBC) Library, Simon Fraser University Library, The UBC Learning Exchange, and the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use.