The Downtown Eastside (DTES) Research Access Portal

The Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal, formerly the InfoHub, is a public, online portal designed to improve access to academic research related to the Downtown Eastside, as well as to community-generated research and reports. The portal provides access to:

  • Academic research about the DTES that you can read freely
  • Links to academic research about the DTES originally published in journals that require a subscription (that the DTES RAP team may be able to help you access)
  • Community-generated research and materials DTES organizations have identified as important for preserving, including project reports, newsletters, and other grey literature
  • A directory of academic researchers who have or are doing studies in the DTES
  • Information about current or recent research projects happening in the DTES
  • Resources for community-based research practices

The portal was developed as part of the Making Research Accessible initiative (MRAi), a UBC partnership between the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, with input from the UBC Office of Community Engagement, the UBC Knowledge Exchange Unit, UBC’s iSchool, the Simon Fraser University Library, the Vancouver Public Library, and in consultation with community members and organizations.

STOREE support for the DTES RAP will focus on the ongoing evaluation and enhancement of the portal.



Graduate Academic Assistants

Robert (Bob) Yeates
Nigel Town
Emily Conacher
Shannon Murray
Sarah Nocente

Project Outputs

Place-based approached to knowledge exchange: The Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal

Summary of a presentation given at the UBC Digital Humanities Conference.

Tensions in Making Research Accessible within Disenfranchised Communities

Lightning talk given at INKE 2018 Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship