Art-based research

Art-based research (ABR) encompasses the use of methodological tools including literary (e.g., poetry), performative (e.g., dance), visual (e.g., painting), and audiovisual (e.g., film) genres, and is used by researchers in the humanities and natural, social, and health sciences. We propose that ABR has the potential for enaction with the Community Scholars Program (CSP) to provide an enriched perspective of co/participatory research and draw on the transformative capacity of ABR to expand ways of understanding. The use of ABR could serve to further expand what is considered “real” research and evaluation (and real researchers) by offering different definitions of rigor/validity and credibility/plausibility.

The goal of the project was to Investigate the potential of ABR as a means to conduct and share research in the context of the Community Scholars Program (CSP). This resulted in a literature review that has been submitted for publication.