Graduate Assistants

Current Affiliated Students

Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson is entering her second year as a student in the Master of Library and Information Studies program at the UBC iSchool. Her work with STOREE involves supporting end-of-project activities, including collecting and organizing outputs, translating outputs into alternative scholarly genres, and dissemination. Melissa’s research interests include health information behaviour, knowledge translation, and how social media might be leveraged as a tool to promote access to evidence-based health information.






Sarah Nocente

Sarah Nocente is a recent graduate from the UBC iSchool’s Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program. While working with STOREE and the Making Research Accessible Initiative, Sarah supported the development and evaluation of the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal Thesaurus among other projects. Her research interests include information equity and critically examining descriptive metadata practices for community groups.




Samantha Snodgrass

Samantha (Sam) Snodgrass is a Master of Library and Information Studies student at the UBC iSchool. She has worked with STOREE on the Literature Reviews in a Non-Academic Context project. She is also working on a project to collect and organize outputs from the STOREE project to help make them findable and to distribute existing research in alternate formats. Her research interests include knowledge mobilization and how academic libraries can support people beyond faculty, staff, and students.





Former Affiliated Students


Billy Augustine

Marina Botnaru

Marina Botnaru is a Dual Master Student in Archival Studies and Library Information Studies at the School of Information, UBC. Since joining Designing for People CREATE last year, her interest is making information (especially research) more accessible and understandable by a large amount of people. Marina is researching how plain language summaries are playing a role in this process and how to measure their efficiency.






Mandy Choie

Mandy Choie is a Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) student at UBC’s iSchool. Her research interests include information accessibility and diversity and inclusion initiatives within the information profession. While serving as a research assistant for “Sharing Science,” Mandy reviewed literature on scholarly communication and coordinated and transcribed interviews with UBC professors across multiple disciplines regarding the genres through which they share their – and are informed by others’ – research.

Kim Correa

Kim Correa is a second year Master’s of Library and Information Studies student at UBC’s iSchool and a member of the Designing for People research cluster’s CREATE graduate training program. Her research interests include equitable systems design, metadata, classification, and trauma-informed librarianship. Her role as a research assistant includes maintaining the STOREE website and social media, planning STOREE-team meetings, and content creation.





Ciara Farmer

Ciara Farmer is a second year Master’s student at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning and an intern at the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants. Her research interests include grassroots community development, community-led programing, knowledge democratization, and equitable food systems. She is a Research Assistant for Dr. Heather O’Brien and Kristina McDavid on the Knowledge Exchange Project.


Andrea Kampen

Andrea Kampen is a second-year doctoral student at the UBC iSchool under the supervision of Dr. Heather O’Brien. Her research interests involve User Engagement, Arts-based and Visual Research methods, and Human-Computer Interaction. Andres is focused on facilitating the connection between people and the information they are seeking and on empowering individuals to interpret and apply what they learn in ways that are meaningful to them. She’s excited to work with the STOREE team furthering the work done in a scoping review.


Alice Li

Shannon Murray

Kwezi Rutega

Kwezi is an undergraduate student at UBC studying cognitive systems (mind, language, and computation). For her last cognitive systems course, she looked at how scholars and academics can make their research results more engaging for young and non-academic audiences. She did research and conducted a study that explored whether or not Gifographics (animated infographics) are more engaging than infographics and plain-language summaries. She gained valuable experience during her time on the STOREE project and in her freetime, enjoys collecting arts and gifs and playing the ukulele. 


Jessica Wilkin

Jessica Wilkin is a second-year student in the UBC iSchool’s Master of Library and Information Studies program, and a member of the Designing for People research cluster’s CREATE graduate training program. Her research interests concern how young people use information media to access and evaluate political information, and how information design can influence political engagement both on- and offline. As a research assistant she is currently collaborating on a scoping review of how scholars are using knowledge exchange tools to mobilize academic research.




Jess Yao

Jess Yao is a second year MLIS student at UBC. Her involvement with STOREE includes developing and improving a scoping review that evaluates modes and media of research dissemination, in order to inform STOREE projects going forward. She is interested in libraries as instruments for furthering diversity/inclusion, for responding to challenges of access, and for engaging the wider community. In lieu of her inactive Twitter, please check out @STOREEresearch and @CmmntyScholars


Robert Yeates

Bob Yeates, MLIS, PhD (English) was a research assistant at UBC from February 2019 to March 2020. He is now a Senior Assistant Professor at Okayama University in Japan.