Research study: Information professionals and knowledge exchange

Dr. Heather O’Brien (UBC School of Information) and Kristina McDavid (UBC Library) are interviewing librarians and archivists about their professional experiences with knowledge exchange (KE) work. By KE work, we are referring to the ways in which librarians and archivists help to translate, share, and move information within and between the communities they serve. Librarians and archivists might engage in this work as part of a research team, in relation to open access and scholarly communication initiatives, by supporting community archives, adopting or facilitating community-led strategies in the development of library services and programs, connecting libraries and the public in ways that lead to KE, and so on. Through this study, we are seeking to understand the role information professionals are playing in KE, as well as their reflections on that work and the competencies that have been identified in the literature.

If you are an information professional and are interested in participating in this study, please contact for more information.