This page houses publications that have been completed by the STOREE team and relate to STOREE’s goals and mission.

(2020)  Barnes, L., Freund, L., Giustini, D. The information needs of Canadian midwives and their evidence informed practices. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 15(2) 3-23.
(2020) Zhu, Julia & Freund, L. Exploring open data initiatives in higher education, iConference 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 22-27, 2020.
(2019) De Forest, H., Freund, L., McCauley, A., O’Brien, H.L., Smythe, S. Building infrastructures for university-community knowledge exchange: The role of information professionals and literacy educators, Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science, Vancouver, British Columbia, June 3-5, 2019.

 (2019) Freund, L. O’Brien, H.L., De Forest, H., McCauley, A. Beyond impact: Expanding the LIS toolkit in support of university-community knowledge Exchange.  SIGUSE Workshop at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology(ASIS&T 2019), Melbourne, Australia. (poster presentation)